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IFP is a network of non-profit associations and individuals from all over the world, working for pedestrians and liveable public space.

IFP was founded as an UN-accredited NGO in 1963 and has been promoting the rights of pedestrians ever since.


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IFP Members

From one of our Australian members, Victoria Walks"I love walking in urban areas, getting lost, and letting a city and its people emerge ... 🏙"When I walk to work, I love that hour to myself, particularly in early morning darkness. 🚶‍♂️"It gets my brain working; it’s when I do my best thinking. It helps me solve the problems whirring away in my head." 👍"I don’t like getting stuck standing, waiting at traffic lights! 🚷"So I challenge myself to always keep moving. I change my route when I need, or cross mid-block where it feels safe to do so ..."Sometimes I walk in my own city as a visitor would. I take chances on unknown routes. 🎲"I explore to give myself a chance of being enchanted here, the way I would in a foreign city."At home we can be creatures of habit. We walk the same way each day."When we travel we see the world differently. We see and delight in things we might not usually even notice. Little things become more interesting, take on greater meaning. 🌎"A seat becomes a window to everything that is happening on the street, rather than somewhere to sit waiting for a bus! "Leaves swirling in the wind can seem like a dance being played out ..." 🍂"I like how the world gets bigger when I walk. It’s because time slows. My senses come alive, you see more, feel more, touch more and smell more." "With the slower pace of walking, you can say to a companion “look at that” rather than “did you see that?” You have time to take more in."#LoveWalking #connection #walkability #activeliving #humanscale #explore #oldisnew VicHealth Municipal Association of Victoria International Federation of Pedestrians Walk21 Queensland Walks WalkSydney Living Streets Walk On Merri-bek ... See MoreSee Less
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Child pedestrian Casualties on England's roads up 16% "A new study in England reveals that nearly 50 child pedestrians are killed or injured on England's roads every day" Despite this cruel reality we still have to deal with difficult political and social opposition when advocating for safe school areas, reducing speed limits and parking space or reducing the use of motorised vehicles in our cities. Let's focus on pedestrian-centric urbanism and advance the concept of road danger reduction by focusing on the source of danger - motorised vehicles. Enforcing 30km/h limits, improving the space dedicated to pedestrians, reducing car lanes and using well-designed traffic calming measures. We need to go beyond Vision #pedestrians #30km #roaddangerreduction #beyondvisionzero #pedestriancentric ... See MoreSee Less
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On the 20th of April - Earth day - the City of New York Government celebrated their largest up-to-date open streets event across all five boroughs and with more locations than ever. Much of this is thanks to local activist groups and NGOs like Transportation Alternatives and the amazing work of broader statewide coalitions like America Walks. These events are not just an enjoyable festive moment but a window to open people's imagination of what the city can be and what public space can look like if we take cars out of the equation. In this video you can see how wonderful NY streets look when packed with people walking, wheeling and cycling - enjoying streets without fear. Some day all streets will be open streets. Repost of Video by Walking Alice Full video here: #imagination #narrativechange #sustainablecities #openstreets #pedestrians #humancentric ... See MoreSee Less
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Between all the huge stories this week you may have missed @POLITICOEurope's big news out of central Brussels: New data shows the Good Move mobility plan has led to fewer road accidents, better air quality and higher business revenue within the Pentagon.

Une association de commerçants qui demande de :
➡️Supprimer des voies de circulation automobile
➡️Faire davantage de place aux piétons et à la végétation

👉Vous ne rêvez pas, ça se passe à Paris sur les Champs-Elysées

Do you want to be more creative? Try taking a walk. We spoke to researchers and avid walkers on how putting one foot in front of the other can be good for the brain. Plus, tips on how to get your step count up.

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