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IFP is a network of non-profit associations and individuals from all over the world, working for pedestrians and liveable public space.

IFP was founded as an UN-accredited NGO in 1963 and has been promoting the rights of pedestrians ever since.


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IFP Members

Vision Zero Vancouver recently led this impactful campaign in their city to highlight how hard it is to be respected as pedestrians by car drivers. Speed limits are constantly ignored and growing pedestrian fear means fewer people walk.The campaign launched its first pilot project called "Pedestrian Brick Crossing System" and follows the idea of "Be seen, grab a brick!"1. GRAB 2. LOOK 3. WAVE 4. CROSSRead more from Vision Zero Vancouver#campaign #pedestrians #speedlimits #localadvocacy #visionzero ... See MoreSee Less
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The idea of mobility justice needs to be included in any analysis and design of public space. At IFP we believe in walking and wheeling for everyone, and that requires understanding the diverse realities of your community.The Untokening is a multiracial collective based in the USA that centres the lived experiences of #marginalized communities to address #mobility #justice and #equity."We use mobility injustice to name the intersectional unsafeties and attacks that people from marginalized groups experience in public spaces such as streets, transit systems, and the governance processes that lay claim to regulate those spaces""We believe mobility justice will be achieved through targeted investment in and innovation by these marginalized groups that frees us to move easily, fairly and unafraid."Learn more at www.untokening.orgImage by The Untokening, 2017. ... See MoreSee Less
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We are proudly part of the recently launched Just Streets project, which is a CIVITAS Initiative funded by the European Commission via Horizon Europe. This project will support 8 pilot cities and 4 follower cities in transforming cities’ car-centered mobility narratives that take for granted that streets are for motorized traffic only. The project addresses the pressing need to reshape our streets both from an infrastructural and behavioural dimensions. The project will bring together citizens, policy makers, experts, and interest groups to develop a new vision of spatial justice where streets become public space for all, but will also find ways to rapidly implement changes that are needed by many parts of society. The focus of Just Streets extends to marginalized groups, including migrants, LGBTQI+ communities and individuals with disabilities, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but actively incorporated into the planning and development process. 🚸👨🏾‍🦽🚍👩🏽‍🦯🚲Learn more here hashtag#mobility hashtag#inclusive hashtag#sustainable hashtag#project hashtag#pedestrians ... See MoreSee Less
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Las investigaciones señalan que las personas menores que menos juegan al aire libre son aquellas que viven en barrios con aceras estrechas, cuestas, calles masificadas o mal planificados, que además son vecindarios de menor poder adquisitivo: 1/2

“Investigators say Lau was speeding, driving the wrong way on Ulloa street, traveling east in the westbound lane, before slamming into the bus stop in front of the West Portal Library.”

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