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IFP is a network of non-profit associations and individuals from all over the world, working for pedestrians and liveable public space.

IFP was founded as an UN-accredited NGO in 1963 and has been promoting the rights of pedestrians ever since.


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IFP Members

On the 20th of April - Earth day - the City of New York Government celebrated their largest up-to-date open streets event across all five boroughs and with more locations than ever. Much of this is thanks to local activist groups and NGOs like Transportation Alternatives and the amazing work of broader statewide coalitions like America Walks. These events are not just an enjoyable festive moment but a window to open people's imagination of what the city can be and what public space can look like if we take cars out of the equation. In this video you can see how wonderful NY streets look when packed with people walking, wheeling and cycling - enjoying streets without fear. Some day all streets will be open streets. Repost of Video by Walking Alice Full video here: #imagination #narrativechange #sustainablecities #openstreets #pedestrians #humancentric ... See MoreSee Less
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Local advocacy works! A pedestrian rights organisation in Taiwan - 還路於民 Vision Zero Taiwan - has been fighting and campaigning to drastically change the situation in a country that has been named "a living hell for pedestrians".Last August they staged a large protest on the streets of Taipei to highlight the terrible situation and constant danger that pedestrians face on the city streets. Their campaigns have been successful in achieving governmental recognition and enabled new laws that now protect sidewalks. You can read about it here: more is still needed but Vision Zero Taiwan plans to continue pushing for its main five demands:1. Improve pedestrian facilities2. Reform of the driving training and test system: training on compliant driving that puts safety as the highest priority, abides by traffic rules, and respects the priority of pedestrians on the road3. Law enforcement and defence of sidewalks: communities and law enforcement units actively maintain smooth traffic on sidewalks (police, district chiefs, community self-governing units)4. Rebuilding the legal part of the traffic system: improve the legal status of traffic rules, penalty regulations, and road regulations, and integrate traffic rights and responsibilities as well as an expedited review of the "Basic Law on Traffic Safety" that specifically protects the rights and interests of pedestriansDevelop a mandatory "Road Design Code" that specifically protects pedestrian space.5. Make counties and cities as designated areas to promote the zero-death visionCheck out their website here: from TaiwanPlus News#Localadvocacy #pedestrianorganisations #visionzero #sustainablecities #pedestrians #activemobility #roadsafety ... See MoreSee Less
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Vision Zero Vancouver recently led this impactful campaign in their city to highlight how hard it is to be respected as pedestrians by car drivers. Speed limits are constantly ignored and growing pedestrian fear means fewer people walk.The campaign launched its first pilot project called "Pedestrian Brick Crossing System" and follows the idea of "Be seen, grab a brick!"1. GRAB 2. LOOK 3. WAVE 4. CROSSRead more from Vision Zero Vancouver#campaign #pedestrians #speedlimits #localadvocacy #visionzero ... See MoreSee Less
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Between all the huge stories this week you may have missed @POLITICOEurope's big news out of central Brussels: New data shows the Good Move mobility plan has led to fewer road accidents, better air quality and higher business revenue within the Pentagon.

Une association de commerçants qui demande de :
➡️Supprimer des voies de circulation automobile
➡️Faire davantage de place aux piétons et à la végétation

👉Vous ne rêvez pas, ça se passe à Paris sur les Champs-Elysées

Do you want to be more creative? Try taking a walk. We spoke to researchers and avid walkers on how putting one foot in front of the other can be good for the brain. Plus, tips on how to get your step count up.

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