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Board Members

* = members of the executive group 

mario alves

* Mario Alves (Portugal), Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados (ACA-M) –

Secretary-General IFP

Mário J. Alves has a degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Transport. He worked at the Centre for Transport Studies of the University of London and the Centre for Urban and Regional Systems of the University of Lisbon. He was executive coordinator of mobility plans and participated in several European projects related to walking and cycling. Recently he worked on a report to critically assess the policies of the Portuguese government to achieve the Kyoto targets. He was part of the International Scientific Programme Committee of the conference Walk21 in Toronto and National Coordinator of the COST Action: Pedestrian Quality Needs. He was advisor for the Mayor of Lisbon and currently advisor for several Portuguese and European institutions. In 2010 he was the co-editor the book “The Walker and the City”. Over the last decade wrote articles and presented numerous papers and seminars on topics related to walking in particular and transport and sustainable mobility in general.

Alejandra Araya Canepa (Spain), Vianants Mallorca –

Alejandra Araya Canepa holds a degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s in International Security. She began her career as a Social Researcher in a marketing company serving private sector businesses. In 2011, alongside her professional commitments, she became involved in grassroots movements advocating for children’s right to play outdoors in a local entity. Subsequently, she co-founded a local group championing pedestrian rights in Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain. The focal point of her efforts is to bring pedestrian issues into the political agenda, striving to make our streets safer, accessible, and more livable for everyone.

* Dominik Bucheli (Switzerland), Fussverkehr Schweiz –

Treasurer IFP

Dominik Bucheli is a geographer. In his master’s thesis, he analysed how road design affects conflicts between road users. He then worked as a transport planner. Since 2010, he has been working as a project manager at Fussverkehr Schweiz, the Swiss Association for Pedestrians. He has been responsible for several awareness-raising campaigns on road safety and is working on a project to compare the walkability of Swiss cities. He is a member of the standardization committee for design standards for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


Gustavo Calderón  (Colombia), Fundación Colombiana de Peatones –

Gustavo is a Civil Engineer, Specialist in Road Design, Transportation and Traffic Engineering. He has a Master Degree in Environmental Administration for Sustainable Development, and Advanced training as a scholar in Japan and Sweden on Transportation Planning and on Public Transportation and Environment. He is a Consultant, Researcher and Promotor of Sustainable Mobility. Co-founder of the Colombian Foundation of Pedestrians and its President and Executive Director since 1999.

Eileen McCarthy

* Eileen McCarthy(US), America Walks –

Vice-President IFP

Eileen McCarthy represents her ward in Washington, DC in the United States on the Pedestrian Advisory Council, which advises the Mayor, City Council and city agencies on pedestrian safety and accessibility. Among other activities, Eileen led the Council’s efforts to support DC’s adoption of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act of 2016, which institutionalized open public access to crash data and the District’s Complete Streets policy, mandated bicycle and pedestrian priority areas, established an aggressive driving law, and created a task force to review major crashes and identify needed engineering and other changes. Eileen also serves as a mentor for the America Walks Walking College. Eileen worked as a lawyer at the US Department of Labor from 1988 until 2013, in a variety of roles and on a variety of subjects. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College in 1980 and a Juris Doctor degree from George Washington University in 1984.

Silvia Stuchi

Silvia Stuchi  (Brazil) –

Environmental manager (University of São Paulo), PhD in Scientific Policy and Technology (State University of Campinas), with internship period at University of Science and Technology, Lille/ France, and visiting Student Researcher at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In 2018 she started a Post doc in Sustainability (University of São Paulo) with emphasis on active mobility. With 8 years experience in sustainability and climate change projects (CDM and voluntary carbon market projects), and 5 years on pedestrian mobility. Passionate active transportation advocate, she is coordinating the NGO “Corrida Amiga” since 2014 and also developing Como Anda project, in parter with Cidade Ativa, sponsored by iCS, with the goal to map the walking initiatives in Brazil. In June (18), together with other partners, she started a research to evaluate the Impact of “Paulista Aberta” program on Urban Vitality.

Ben Rossiter

Ben Rossiter (Australia), Victoria Walks –

Ben has been the Executive Officer of Victoria Walks since its inception in 2009. Before taking up this position he was the Manager of Active Transport at VicHealth. He has a background in cross sectoral partnerships, research, policy and program development, community development and health promotion. He has a long interest in walking, sustainable communities and urban environments. The theme of his doctoral dissertation was walking in cities and he has published articles and book chapters on walking and urban experience. He is a member of the Victorian Pedestrian Advisory Council.

Arzu Filiz (Güngör) Çıdamlı (Turkey), Yaya Derneği –

Arzu graduated from DEU Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Industrial Engineering and prepared her thesis on the organization of NGOs. She has been producing and working in the field of visual arts and culture for more than 35 years. She has participated in many exhibitions and curated cultural events. Arzu was also the İzmir representative for Geniş Açı Photography Art Magazine and co-founded Çizgelikedi Visual Culture Center in 2005. She is one of the founding members of Yaya Derneği (Pedestrian Association) and currently serves on the board. Her work with the Pedestrian Association focuses on gender-blind city policies, accessibility issues and the use of creative communication tactics to raise awareness. Based in Izmir, Turkey, Arzu speaks Turkish, English and a very basic level of German. She works as a freelance photography consultant, runs workshops and volunteers for public projects.

Christian Thomas

Christian Thomas (Switzerland), Fussgängerverein Zürich –

Christian Thomas has originally studied Architecture at the ETH in Lausanne and in Zurich, and has been engaged in different initiatives on Transport and Ecology, as a consultant for Transport of WWF-Switzerland, as a Founder of the Traffic-Club Switzerland (Verkehrsclub), which is an alternative to the traditional Automobile-Clubs promoting mostly the more ecological forms of mobility. He was Assistant at the Chair of Philosophy of Science, ETH Zurich, where he made his PhD, and he has been working in different research projects. From 2001 to 2015 he has worked for the Swiss Pedestrian Association (Fussverkehr Schweiz), has joined the Swiss Council of Experts on Road Safety for a number of years, and now he is member of the Board of the local Pedestrian Association in Zürich, and a consultant of the “Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety”

Ole Thorson

Ole Thorson Jorgenson (Spain), Catalunya Camina –

Born in Copenhagen in 1941. Civil engineer and Ph.D. from the Politechnical University of Denmark 1964 and Barcelona 1983. Specialised in traffic, transport, road safety and pedestrians. 1967-70 Danish Council of Road Safety Research. 1970-89 Traffic Planning Division, Barcelona Municipality and 1980-89 Head of the Division. 1972 – Director of the Consultant firm INTRA s.l. 1989- 2006 Associated professor at the Politechnical University of Catalonia (Transport). Vice-president of the Spanish Traffic Accident Prevention Association. (since 1984): Board member of the European Federation of Pedestrian Associations (FEPA). President of the International Federation od Pedestrians from 2005 to 2012. Founding member of the board of The Spanish Association for Pedestrian Rights.

In March 31st 2023, Ole passed away at his home in Barcelona. He was much more than the former president of IFP. Through his relentless drive IFP resurfaced in 2005 after being somewhat dormant for some years. He did so much for pedestrians worldwide.  Thank you for everything, Ole!

Geert van Waeg

Geert van Waeg (Belgium), –

President IFP

Born in 1959 in Brussels, Belgium, Geert got his PhD in medical science in Uppsala, Sweden. From the mid 70ies on, he was active around non-motorized road users (mainly cyclists, as local chairman of the “Groene Fietsers” in Brussels) and liveable cities (Brukselbinnenstebuiten). Together with family and friends, he founded the NGO, after he lost his daughter when a car crashed into a group of scouts on a hike on a small country road in 2003. supports local grass root initiatives around infrastructure for non-motorized road users in Belgium through advice and visibility of the projects on its website. Defending the fine network of public footpaths and right-of-ways for the generations to come is done both through and through the NGO Trage Wegen (slow roads), of which he is a board member. He is an active member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, and represented the IFP on many occassions, including at the High Level Ministerial Conferences on Road Safety in Moscow, November 2009 and Brazilia, November 2015.