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    country   Brazil

    What we do

    ABRASBE was organized by 20 people, university graduated, interested in improving the pedestrian fate in our country. The poor conditions of our sidewalks and the lack of pedestrian signaling to avoid crashes in crossing streets and roads have been improved since ABRASPE’s foundation on June 5, 1981. It did not take too long before we found out that pedestrian problems and traffic accidents should be identified and prevented locally. Instead of increasing the number of members, we decided to create a site and concentrated our work in four issues:

    1. reduce speed and enforce speed control in urban areas and highways,
    2. enforce our law of zero alcohol and use of drugs when driving,
    3. develop education programs for changing behavior – rather than intelectual knowledge of what is wrong – of Brazilians moving in cities and rural areas;
    4. see and be seen when walking or driving, specially at night.

    Our Mission and Vision

    Our mission is to improve rules and guarantee enforcement of the existing ones which protect the rights of children, old people and those who have difficulties to move in public places.