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Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados (ACA-M)

    country   Portugal

    What we do

    Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados (Association of Self-Mobilized Citizens – ACA-M) is a non-profit NGO with more than 15 years experience in active campaigning for a safer and more sustainable mobility in Portugal. ACA-M seeks also to defend the quality of life and of the environment, and of sustainable development in a Portugal that has become very rapidly an auto-dependent society, by questioning, researching, discussing, and acting.

    Throughout its existence, ACA-M participated in and promoted several projects and activities in the field of sustainable mobility, promotion of pedestrians rights (including a book collection on public space and pedestrian behavior), road safety education and active citizenship.

    ACA-M is also a member of:

    Our Mission and Vision

    The Association of Self-Mobilized Citizens has as its purpose to promote the end of the civil war on Portuguese roads, advocating a social pact that values ​​safety and citizenship in transport. It aims to defend the human and civic rights of all the portuguese public space users (whether they are drivers, passengers or pedestrians), and militate for their civic mobilization and responsabilization.

    It is also seeks to mediate conflicts between citizens and the state, and between individuals and collective interests, as well as requiring accountability of public authorities and of political, financial and economic actors in matters like security, enforcement and road traffic regulations.

    Finally, ACA-M aims to promote the defense of the quality of life, environment and sustainable development in Portugal, questioning, investigating, discussing and acting.