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IFP members

List of the Member Organisations
Pedestrian organizations can become voting members. Click the name of our current voting members to learn more about them. Logged-in voting members find additional information about their fellow members. We also have associated members (including individuals). Their names are not published. Find out more about membership.

If you see value in our vision and mission and share the goals of the International Charter for Walking, you are more than welcome to join us. Please fill in the membership application form for organizations or individuals. Membership for not-for-profit organizations and individuals is free.

For more details see our membership page.

IFP is accredited as a non-profit NGO at the United Nations. We want to send persons competent and committed to pedestrian matters to international meetings, conferences and organisations active in our themes.

Permanent delegates

At present there are three IFP-delegates:

Michelle Ernst is representing IFP at the headquarters in New York.
Christian M. Thomas (Secretary) is representing IFP in the Working Party on road safety (WP1) of the UN-ECE in Geneva. The WP1 meets twice or three times a year for 3 to 4 days.
Dieter Schwab is representing IFP at the UN in Vienna.

Delegates for the other UN (regional) organisations should be appointed in order to build a world-wide network for the promotion of road safety for pedestrians.

Members and member organisations wishing to act as delegates of IFP in international organisations, please report to the secretariat, and your intention will be considered.

We are interested to appoint qualified persons to attend meetings of the international organisations such as the ones mentioned below:

In particular the following:

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Regional Commissions:


      International What we do Our Mission and Vision


        Zambia What we do Our Mission and Vision Mission:  Promoting and campaigning for safety, rights and better welfare of passengers, pedestrians and cyclist as… Read More »PAPECA