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    country   Greece

    What we do

    The “Association for the rights of the pedestrians” is a citizens group that:

    • Stands for the rights of the citizens to walkable, pedestrian friendly cities
    • Strives for the improvement of infrastructure, traffic education and law enforcement
    • Proposes measures and actions towards these ends.

    Our Mission and Vision

    Our vision is:

    • termination of the era of absolute priority of the automobiles over pedestrians and bicycles,
    • public acceptance of walking as a legitimate, environment friendly means of transportation,
    • modernization and enforcement of the laws concerning the construction of pavements and special facilities for pedestrians, bicycles and citizens of reduced mobility,
    • improvement of public transportation and the discouragement of the use of private cars in the city,
    • establishment of a network of safe pedestrian walkways within the city,
    • withdrawal of the illegally parked private cars and other obstacles from the pavements and pedestrian facilities, and
    • introduction of the notion “pedestrians first” to the Greek public conscience.