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IFP does not collect annual membership fees. Since its conception in 1963, the IFP has relied on volunteers. In a way, it is amazing how we have managed to do the work so far without any structural funding.

Recently, we started receiving some occasional limited funds to support our activities.

Through participation in the EU MORE project, started late 2018, for the first time we received multi-year funding for a project. 

For the future, we hope to find structural sponsorships to guarantee continuity in our commitments to support the cause of the pedestrians in the international context.


Why? Aren’t we all pedestrians?

In an ideal world, there shouldn’t even be an organization supporting pedestrians worldwide. But since we don’t live in an ideal world, we are needed to bring and keep pedestrian issues on the agenda of worldwide decision makers. Find out what we do, and be inspired to support us with a donation. Your help is extremely welcome.


Support us with a donation. You will receive an official receipt. Unfortunately, this will not serve as a tax deduction certificate, given all different rules in different countries. We thank you!