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    country   Netherlands

    What we do

    MENSenSTRAAT (STREETS for ALL) is a network in the Netherlands, aiming to make every street safe and enjoyable for all sorts of people in their various walks of life.

    Our Mission and Vision

    We support:

    • Pedestrians and Cyclists to move on safe routes in a healthy lifestyle;
    • Passengers to find attractive routes to/from public transport;
    • Children to play and expand their world;
    • Youngsters to go around town independently;
    • People with functional limitations to participate in daily life;
    • Senior Citizens to keep on living at home in their own neighbourhood;
    • Neighbours to meet one another informally;
    • Residents to add personal elements to the streetscape;
    • Visitors to enjoy other places and watch people go by;
    • Entrepreneurs to serve the needs of people on the street;
    • Passers-by to keep an eye on the street, enhancing social safety.