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Movimento Diritti dei Pedoni


    What we do

    Movimento Diritti dei Peatoni is a pedestrian rights movement, that was founded in 2023 as an official association by a group of people who dream and want to build a more just and inclusive mobility. Movimento Diritti dei Pedoni is currently working on a series of projects:
    • Walking Lab – Capacity Building & Active Citizenship
    • Road Safety – Mobility Justice Advocacy
    • Motor-normativity – Problem Framing, Narrative and Language
    • Walkability in the world – Best Practice sharing, Experiences, Guidelines
    Read more about their work on their website

    Our Mission and Vision

    Their aspiration is a society where:
    • People who travel on foot enjoy accessible, safe and dignified mobility.
    • Road safety is a public health priority.
    • Actively mobile people are seen as legitimate road users with equal dignity and rights, overcoming the current motor-normative culture.
    • Public spaces are accessible and livable for all citizens regardless of circumstances, conditions and physical abilities, also through a redistribution of such spaces.
    Their current goals:
    • Increase visibility and social relevance of pedestrian mobility, strengthen civic awareness on the right to public space
    • Network and act actively to promote the right to safe and accessible active mobility
    • Disseminate data, reports and evidence on road safety, active mobility and use of public spaces
    • Promote the non-discriminatory and motor-normative narrative of mobility and road safety
    • Collaborate with local, national and international associations, institutions, civic and academic organizations