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Pěšky městem (Walk the City)

    country   Czech Republic

    What we do

    We focus on:

    • More people walking on their daily routes.
    • Safe routes to school for children.
    • Bringing up children as active citizens responsible for the condition of the environment they live in.
    • More support for pedestrians and cyclists from representatives of the city and its districts.
    • Reduction of individual car traffic.
    • Cleaner air and less noise.
    • Better awareness and public interest in environment.

    Our Mission and Vision

    We support sustainable mobility especially pedestrians and try to increase interest and a more responsible approach of citizens and public administrations to these issues. We want to create more walkable and pedestrian friendly environment within the city. We aim to improve the condition of public spaces and traffic safety, particularly for the most vulnerable ones such as children, seniors, parents with prams or handicapped people.