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Pěšky městem (Walk the City)

    country   Czech Republic

    What we do

    The roots of our initiative run deep. A group of brave women united in one of the first environmental movements in the country, called “Pražské matky” (Prague Mothers), played an active role in the return of democracy and civil society in 1989., As their successors, we follow the efforts of big European cities towards a fairer redistribution of public space. With your help, we would like to make this happen in our city and negotiate part of that space for walking, for we believe that now is the right time to create walkable cities. There are clear benefits not just for our health and relationships, but also for the environment of cities looking for ways to tackle the impact of climate change.

    All people are born walkers, and it is natural to move around on foot. Since it is so common, walking does not get the attention it deserves. The “Walk the City” initiative gives voice to pedestrians. We help to create safe environment for pedestrians and to adapt public areas in ways that invite people to walk through and stop by. We try to involve more people and associations in our efforts to transform the city. We are a watchdog of air quality in Prague, and we promote the planting of greenery in the streets. We pay attention to rights of children and in particular vulnerable adults, in those questions we follow the Policy of OSF Foundation.

    We protect everyday walking. It is the best way of short-distance travel and it brings life to the city. We focus on:

    • More people walking on their daily routes
    • Safe routes to school for children
    • Bringing up children as active citizens responsible for the condition of the environment they live in
    • More support for pedestrians and cyclists from representatives of the city and its districts
    • Reduction of individual car traffic
    • Cleaner air and less noise
    • Raise awareness and public interest in the environment

    Our Mission and Vision

    We support sustainable mobility, especially pedestrians and try to increase interest and a more responsible approach of citizens and public administrations to these issues. We want to create a more walkable and pedestrian-friendly environment within the city. We aim to improve the condition of public spaces and traffic safety, particularly for those most vulnerable such as children, seniors, parents with prams or people with reduced mobility