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Tous à pied

    country   Belgium

    What we do

    Tous à Pied is a NGO based in Namur (Belgium) that works in Wallonia and Brussels. Our team is highly motivated and convinced that walking is one of the solutions for a more pleasant and secure future. The work of Tous à Pied is pragmatic, constructive, positive, apolitical, and multi and intergenerational. We ensure concerted and law-abiding solutions for everyone. To do this, we work with politicians, administrations, citizens…

    Our Mission and Vision

    As there are cyclist associations, Tous à Pied is the voice of pedestrians in Wallonia and Brussels. We are all pedestrians, every day: to go to work, to go to school, to go to the bakery, to take the bus, on the last few meters after parking your car, when going for a walk… We work so that every time you walk, you can do it in a safe and comfortable way.

    Our mission is to develop the culture of utilitarian and leisure walking.

    We want the physical, social and institutional obstacles that limit the practice of walking to be reduced. We want more people choosing walking as their means of transportation.