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    country   Belgium

    What we do

    The Voetgangersbeweging (Pedestrian Movement) aims to promote walking as human’s most universal means of transportation. Currently we have a dual focus, each working under its own brand name

    • Octopusplan works on sustainable school transport (walking and cycling), traffic and mobility education at primary schools and road safety in school areas.
    • Infopunt Publieke Ruimte (Information Point for Public Spaces) works on the promotion of quality in public spaces as a lever for spatial, social, ecologic and economic development. Attractive and safe public spaces are considered as a basic condition for walking. The organization provides memberships for local authorities, enterprises, schools and individuals.

    Our Mission and Vision

    We consider walking as the first and most universal transportation mode. The association contributes to sustainable development by promoting and stimulating sustainable mobility and sejourning, in interaction with other road users and the environment.