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    What we do

    WalkSydney is Sydney’s lead pedestrian advocacy group. We are a registered charity and a community group that advocates for walking in Greater Sydney (Wollongong to Newcastle, and the Ocean to the Blue Mountains). We promote walking in cities by supporting the development and implementation of best practices, influencing infrastructure, policies, and decision-making processes, working with relevant state and local institutions, and encouraging the education of walk-friendly practitioners.

    Our Mission and Vision

    Our mission is to make walking convenient, accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

    Our objectives
    • Promote walking as a safe, efficient and pleasant method of transport.
    • Participate in the design of an urban environment to encourage pedestrian transport and amenity.
    • Provide opportunities for members and non-members to express and promote their views regarding walking as active transport.
    • A commitment to healthy, just, efficient, accessible and sustainable communities and to work together to overcome the physical, social and institutional barriers that often limit people’s choices to walk.
    • Advocate for improved pedestrian priority on existing and future transport networks.
    • Promote the design of streets for people.
    • Promote investment in infrastructure for walking.
    • Co-operate and work with other groups and organisations to improve and promote walking as a viable and valid mode of transport.